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About Aqualand

Aqualand operates in the water park and water slide industry. It is a representative of Polgun company in Greece and a member of the FiberFun group. Our company, based on 30 years of experience, guarantees the quality, functionality and durability of the products and structures.
Overwhelming advantage of our company is that our productsare offered at very competitive prices along with the satisfaction of each selection criterion such as quality,durability, aesthetics and innovation.

What We Do

Our company undertakes the design, manufacturing and installation of water parks, water slides, hydro-entertainment, theme parks and swimming pools. We give you the opportunity to differentiate your business by making it more competitive , offering a memorable experience to your guests. You can offer cool moments of joy and fun to all ages, with a highly specialized range of innovative watersystems, which includes interactive games sprayers, water slides , children's water slides , waterparks, waterparks, water playgrounds and spray games.

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